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Juan J Avila Hincapié. 9/15/14 DEVE-109 Fall 14

Instructor - D. Simons.

"One day I will live in the U.S with you guys " Is the one I think I remember my mother I always telling me as kid.

Sitting at home watching TV around noon when I heard the door open. I was not expecting any body at this time of the day the only thing that when trough my head was must be my grandma, It can't be my mother. It was too early and she will usually get home around five in the after noon, I jumped out of the couch and ran to the door to find out it was my mother, first word that came out of her mouth was "guys"? in very loud and thunderous 'voice, get ready were going to Benihana for lunch'. Benihana was my sister and I favorite restaurant because they put up a show while there cooking you're food.

Knowing my mother immediately I knew there was something going on.

Me and my sister got ready faster than the blink of an eye, ready to go we got in the car, but still wafting for our grandma, after a couple of minutes of waiting I got off the car and when to see why she was taking so long so I stared rushing her, she tells me "I'm to old and rusty I cant move at the speed you guys do".

Finally we're in the restaurant, after a couple of minutes of getting settle in to the table my mom said I need to tell you guys something I got a job promotion and were moving in thirty days. And then watching the expression of impressed in hour faces she stared laughing, so we where like asking questions...