How much is the artist responsible for making violent products and its effect on the buyers and viewers?

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It has been discussed over and over again whether or not kids are influenced by the violent video games they play, movies they watch, music they listen to, and media that is reported to them. But the fact of the matter is that all kids are affected by anything and everything. Now I'm not saying that just because a kid enjoys the musical styling of Slipknot or Marlin Manson that this kid is going to go kill a bunch of people some day. Nor, is someone who plays Grand Theft Auto going to go steal a car and run over a bunch of people. The real question we have to ask ourselves is who has the responsibility when something like this does happen? Can the artist be held accountable?

The answer to a question like that is always the ideal; the responsibility falls on everyone and anyone with any influence.

Now, the majority of the responsibility falls on the family and peers. These are the people with the direct connection, and obviously the most influence. They are the ones that caused the larger problem in the first place. Whether the cause of these horrible acts to be due to a horrible social life or family life, these people were the ones who could have easily stopped the problem from the start. The rest of the responsibility must fall on society, and our sick, twisted enjoyment of sex and violence.

In the area of entertainment, involving rated R movies, rated M video games, and music with parents guidance labels, there is a balance of responsibility. The first responciblility is for the musicians or artists, to make a good product, and then it is the people's responsibility to the artist is to support them by buying their product. This is usually...