Muhammad Ali

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Did you know that Muhammad Ali was called Cassius Clay? He changed his name to Ali when he converted his religion to Muslim.

Cassius began his career as an accident. Cassius went to a store in a bright sunny day leaving his sixty dollar bike outside. Went he went outside he realized that his bike was gone. This angered Clay and he began searching for his bike through town.He reported to the police which asked Ali if he knew how to fight.Ali replied with a "no". Ali then started training and began really impressive at the sport. He then began his boxing run to fame. He was known for having as people would say a "big mouth" but Clay always made sure that he could back it up.

Ali did not openly admit to being in the Islam religion. He would eat breakfest with Malcolm X and they were great friends.

Because of Malcolm X's murder Ali became very depressed. Ali also acquired the disease known as Parkinson's disease. Although Ali may seem weak he is one of the strongest person alive.