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A potential environmental change could be the draining of the pond. This would be considered an unnatural or natural change. It would be an unnatural change if people drained the pond. It would be natural if there was a lack of precipitation for a large duration of time along with a heat wave. This would greatly dry out the pond. Both would affect the pond in a similar way. If the pond was eliminated from the ecosystem the aquatic life living in the pond would perish or suffer a great decline in their population. The algae, as well as other plants and organisms living in the pond and the pond would also greatly suffer. With the perishing of the autotrophic producers in and near the pond suffering, the primary consumers would be dramatically impacted. The primary source of food and nutrients would no longer be available to provide the basic needs of survival.

The starving animals would either die from this great affect or seek an alternative habitat. After the herbivores leave, the secondary and tertiary consumers could also begin to starve and die due to lack of food. Without the presence of organisms would likely become abandoned. Also without bug eating animals such as frogs, the bug population would increase dramatically.

The transect that we chose is important to the overall natural environment of Katonah-Lewisboro. Specifically this is because it provides water and nutrients for the local animals. The pond and surrounding area which we chose to do the transect has a large variety and community of animals. This is likely due to the fact that surrounding the the pond are a variety of ecosystems. There is an open grass area with deer, a swampy area with skunk and a variety of other marsh producers, as...