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I lived in the United States about one year and two months. Recently, I just registered for my spring semester classes. This is my second time in the United States that I've been in college, although it is not totally new to me on the second time. But on January 21, 2003 was my first day of the second semester at college.

First day at college I had many surprises and very confusing to me. In the morning of the first day I've arrived at the community college, I could not find a parking lot to park my car. I was very surprised that so many students that already arrived at school to early in the morning this semester. My first class was location near the parking lot D, I was driving the car around all of the parking lot D but I could not find a lot to park my car.

I was worry because I will have class in five minutes. Luckily, when I drove my car to the parking lot A, I found a parking lot to park my car, and I was very happy. After I parked my car, in a hurry I went inside the campus and tried to locate direction to my first class as fast as I could. At last, I found a building which it has my first class over there. After my first class, I had about two hours break until my second class in that day. I've decided to go to the book store to buy the required books and papers for my classes. When I found all my required books for my classes, I got into a long line and waited for 1 hour in order to see the cashier to pay for my books. I got out of...