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My hometown------ZhuHai My hometown is a beautiful city with a small number of people. It lies in the south of China, where is next to Macao. She is ZhuHai.

ZhuHai is one of the five economic special zones in China, because the air is fresh there, and is the cleanest city where I never been before. So it is so-call ¡°garden city¡±.

But what were things like in the city in the old days? It is said that it was a sad, dirty little city. There were only about several thousands people in it. Lift was good for a few rich families, but most of the people were poor. They lived in dark, unhealthy rooms in the old building and huts on narrow muddy streets.

Everything has changed now. People have got rid of the mud and dirt. It becomes a clean city. They have put up factories theatres, schools and flats.

They also built a modern airport and a large harbor, because city near sea, you can see steamers and boats busily come and go, day and night.

Zhuhai is going to build a ¡°university town¡± in the city, which means there are ten top universities will set up their branch campus in Zhuhai, such as Beijing University, Zhongshan University, etc. The idea is fresh; meanwhile, many persons of ability will be attracting to Zhuhai. It is certain good for Zhuhai¡¯s economic development.

Zhuhai is a lovely city, not only her suitable living environment, also she give me hopes, my family and my friends.