My Journey through Life

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My Journey through Life

Nothing is more important than life, even if it contained darkness or lightness. Everyone on earth has a special life; your life is different from others. Life has a lot of good and bad things, a lot of fun and unhappy situations we face during our lives. My mother has always told me, "Life is as complicated as you make it." Many people have contributed a positive impact to me. Because of them, I have definitely become what I am today. Four people have always significantly contributed to my life are my parents, oldest sister, and my high school teacher. I am so grateful for their support.

I was born on November 13, 1979, in Kuwait. I have great parents, and my Mom is Alia and Dad is Mohmmed. They married in 1971. My father worked in the military. His life was very hard. His father did when he was two months old, and his mother died when he was seven years old.

My mom is so kind. My family consists of big four brothers and five sisters. We are close to Mom. Our lives were very simple with no technology like today. We were playing old playhouse and old playground.

I can't forget August 2, 1990, It was a Gulf War by Saudi Arabia, United States, and Coalition Force from thirty-four nations against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and my country. In addition, the war was known under others names, such as the First Gulf War, Kuwait War and Operation Desert. After the Iran-Iraq War, Iraq was heavily debted from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Iraq pressured both to forgive the debts, but they refused. After that, the Iraq president immediately ordered the troops to move to Kuwait's capital and Khafge. They killed over ten...