My Journey Towards Marketing Business

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I lived in a family which lived their lives working for no one; owning their own business. My father had a wholesale business in which he worked between countries. When I was 18 years old, my mother and I owned a childcare business in my country. After five years I married and moved to USA. Seven years ago, my husband and I bought a convenience store called United Market in Sacramento. We went into partnership with my brother-in-law. After two years, we bought the entire land and property and the shopping centers on the United Market.

In the United Market, we offered quick and friendly service. United Market is a small store that opened everyday until midnight. We specialize in selling basic food items, such as milk bread, dairy food , a variety of small dry-goods items, tobacco and liquor.


United Market is located in a good location in Sacramento.

We have lots of apartments; one for seniors and another for middle-class family, variety of houses that were owned by rich people, one elementary school, one college and one disabled school. All within five mile radius. Its obvious that if some people have to travel more than a mile they are more likely to go to a supermarket for a major shopping.


Convenience store's competition is mostly from other convenience stores, it can also come from supermarkets. Our store didn't have competition because the major store by us which was Safeway was closed for two years for remodeling. At the same time, be build some good relationship with our customers.

Marketing Plan:

You can create a successful plan for your business by not worrying about the way you present your marketing plan or making it look fancy. We need to understand your market and competitor. The more...