My life as an animal.

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My family and I lived in a cozy nest that kept us warm throughout the cold days, but the nest was becoming crowded with all my growing sisters and brothers. One afternoon, while mother went out searching for food, we kids were a bit squished, and got into a little fight. Apparently I was the unfortunate one who got shoved out of the nest. Little did I know what an adventure the day would become.

I had never been out of the nest. Mother had always warned us that it was dangerous in the outside world. But my curiosity grew and I thought to myself, " Since I am already out of the nest and it wasn't my fault that I got pushed out of the nest, I might as well have a look around before I go back ". I took a few brave steps away from my nest...then

a few more...and before long, my home was out of sight and I found myself in the real world. I caught the fresh sense of the grass under my little feet. They felt soft and cozy, like a field of soft fur being planted onto the ground. As I walked a few steps more, I inhaled the sweet sense of flowers blooming in the garden. I had never smelled anything like it. My stomach started to growl and I knew I was hungry. I crawled down the road in search of food. There I found something that looked like an acorn. As I bit into it, it was hard and would not break. When I looked at it again, I realized I was biting into a brown rock. I threw the rock away and continued my journey, where I was determined to find food. A strong wind came blowing down...