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Hello my name is Shantella Marie ford I was born in Fontana at Kaiser Hospital in the state if California. When I was born I had to keep I.V. in my arms even after I went home I'm not sure why though. When I was 5 years young I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis I was in the hospital for a month it was horrible I couldn't hardly move my body hurt so bad and mined you I was only 5. When I was 7 years young my little brother Elijah was born. A year later my little sister Ashley was born... Also when I was 7 years young the most tragic thing happened to me and my family my favorite grandma passed away I was such a mess a blamed myself for years hoping that god would have taken me instead of her but she is in a much better place now she was and is still the best grandma a granddaughter could ask for.

I am 18 years young now but when I was 16 I was hit by a car it was painful but at the time when it happened I was so pumped up on adrenalin I could feel anything so I tried to get up and walk but couldn't now every since then I'm afraid to walk anywhere near cars although I was wearing skates when it happen the doctor said if I wasn't wearing skates I would have died so I thank god that I was wearing them. Well that concludes my life story for now.