My Opinion on Athena

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In my opinion, Athena is the best goddess. I chose this piece of art because it was a beautiful picture that caught my eye. I like that Hermes is in the art work also. I think that Athena is a goddess that I like because she likes to help people and not focused on only her self. In the story, she tries to help Odysseus find her father and let him know that he's his son. She also protects him where her father and Poseidon want to punish him for his actions. She obeys her fathers orders when is asked.

The background of this portrait is things seen in everyday life. Just like the animals and clouds. Both Athens and Hermes are dressed in a woven like cloth not covering their whole body. They both are also holding a weapon or stick of some sort. Athena has warrior's skills. Like in the Odyssey she helps Odysseus with many problems of his.

Another work of art that goes with this piece is probably Michelangelo's work. When he did his work on the ceiling it looks like he drew this too. If I was to just look at this work of art id think that Michelangelo did it. The surroundings of this piece kind of gives you a cold feeling because it's dark and gloomy. The man in the picture looks as if he's striking a pose. While Athena is calm and relaxed.

My favorite part of the Odyssey was when Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar to find his wife. I was glad that Penelope and some others let Odysseus try and hit the bow and arrow. I also liked when she worked up his courage to meet his father. But he didn't tell him that he was his son. Athena...