Name of the Artwork: Passion

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Phillips, Brandence

Brandence Phillips

Name of the Artwork: Passion

By: Leonid Afremov

I chose this particular piece of artwork, because I love how it captures the raw passion of two lovers locked in each other's embrace. You can feel the heat of desire and desire. It is hard to determine if they are married, a couple or just two random strangers. However, you can just look at the artwork you can feel the passion that these two share for one another at this moment in time. Passion is something that not many people feel for one another and that last. Many long for someone to feel this kind of passion and desire towards them. I am one of those people that long for this passion. My husband and I use to share a passion like this. Then he suffered a heart attack and it seems he does not feel anything for me any longer.

I fell in love with many of his paintings, but this one captured my heart right away. This beautiful oil painting represents realism, time and motion, amazing colors and texture.

The oil painting represents beautiful colors and texture. Oil painting is more medium than tempera. It is easily blended on the painting surface to show degrees of tones and hues. Making shading much more easier. This painting shows beautiful shading, color tones and hues. The first thing that popped out to me was the vibrant colors. The oil painting captures the delicate light and reveals the dimensions of the painting. The texture in this painting with the long brush strokes is also eye catching. I would describe it as more of a rough, yet smooth texture. The shorter lines seem to be more rough texture, as the long strokes seem to be smooth. The painting has...