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[Type here] [Type here] In a Common Tavern

Thomas Thornburg

In a Common Tavern

Thomas Thornburg

Zachary D.McMurtrey

English 111-Ivy Tech

Thomas Thornburg's short story/poem is a story filled with anguish, pain and sorrow. At first read this poem can be taken in several directions. Everyone has their own take on this story of what happened, who was involve and what this story is trying to tell us. If Thomas Thornburg was there to listen to all of those themes and characters and actions he would not dismiss any of them for this story can be taken in so many directions.

In all reality though this poem has a very deep meaning about the dangers of substance abuse and neglect. This poem starts off with a character who is unknown the audience. In the start of the poem we get an understanding of the setting. "No tinseled dreams seduced me from the sun, the truth is plainly albumed here for both were happy where we were and where from.

" Line seven says "By macaws screaming in the feathered grove" These lines here tell me that the character is around macaws, which a type of parrot. These birds are native to warm tropical climates. So we know at some point this is where our protagonist is located. As you continue to read on in the story we see that our unknown character is happy and things seems to be going well. After time though that happiness dissipates. "One day the magic and the mirror broken." That happiness is dead and has been replaced by something much darker. Yet we continue to read to see that the protagonist says that there is no way to mend this relationship. We end up at a point in the story where we are...