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Napster         Napster is a computer program where you can download music from the Internet. It's like a big community of people sharing music with each other. It costs nothing and you just search for the songs of your choice. I personally believe that people should be able to download music off Napster because it's just like the VCR, radio, and tape and it's a good way to promote music when it is used as intended.

        In fact Napster is just like the VCR, radio, and tape. According to David Grohl ( "it's the same as turning on the radio." You listen to different songs, except you choose which ones you want to listen to. If they shut down Napster, will they shut down the radio? According to Dave Mathews ( "We allowed people to tape our concerts from the beginning, and the record company questioned us about allowing that. My thinking was that it only makes people want to buy more and increase the devotion of people who are going to listen to us." You're

doing the same thing on Napster that you would do at the concert, but It's just more convenient to do it in your own home.

        Why would artists want to ban Napster when it promotes their music? "It's a good way to promote music," says B.B King ( Napster could help people hear your new songs and according to Madonna "Napster could be a great way for people to hear your music who wouldn't have the chance to hear it on the radio." Chuck D, ( says, "we should think of (Napster) as a kind of radio-a promotional tool that can help artists who don't have their music played on mainstream radio or on MTV." "There are a lot bigger problem in the world then Napster" says Dave Mathews (         A bigger problem is that the people misuse Napster by putting music...