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Michelangelo Uy


Nature, it is portrait as a place of peacefulness and full of animals. Moreover it is a place where animals and plant coexists in perfect harmony, but is there a place in this world that has that sense of perfection? Is there really a place in this whole world that you can say it so was flawless that no other place can compete with it? Well there is this place called Yosemite Park in California and I can say it is a hidden jewel, a virgin place that was isolated by the modern world where when you smell it, see it, or hear it defines nature.

These experiences all started back in 2012 where my parents and I had a family vacation with my uncle in California. I have heard a lot about this place, like their majestic waterfalls and its massive red wood trees.

I have heard that one of the oldest trees was at also sited there. Nevertheless I was really excited I get to go on a real nature trip where all you see is the forest and animals nothing else.

It was a long trip, you have to pass five to seven mountains, cross a dessert, and pass by a cattle ranch that stink like when of your fat relatives uses the bathroom during thanksgiving. It was so horrid that instead of rolling up the window you have to shut it tight because the smell is all everywhere, it's like "a punch to your face bad."

However when we arrive in the Park it's was magical. When u first arrive u have to go through a tunnel that is so dark that it felt like you're about to descend to hell. Then when u gets to the...