What was the nature of Mustapha Kemal's Turkish nation and was the code of ethnic cleansing key to its formation?

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Mustapha Kemal otherwise known as 'Ataturk', which in Turkish means "The Father of All Turks", is the father of modernity in Turkey. During his reign over Turkey he achieved great advances for the 'primitive' Turkish nation although he achieved these important steps towards the West due to the acts of the ethnic cleansing of Turkey resulting in the death marches which wiped out Greeks, Assyrians and to the greatest extent of all the Armenians. The Turkish government then and even to this very day conceals this part of their history and this is fundamental in their own concept of their nation-state.

Mustapha Kemal, later to be known as 'Ataturk' from 1934 onwards was born in the city of Thessaloniki, which is situated in Greek state of Makedonia, in 1881. Not much is known about his private life and the history of his families due to the nationalistic propaganda and personality cult factions which have led to the destruction of many primary sources.

From the few primary sources we have left we have found out that Kemal and his father were part of the 'donmeh' sect. According to the Governors of Thessaloniki's reports and Joachim Prinz's book, the 'donmeh' where a religious Jewish sect who in 1666 where forcibly converted to Islam after being expelled from Spain. Although being converted they still secretly practiced secret Jewish religious events and never married outside of their 'blood'. Ataturk's 'donmeh' status can be historically proven as he recited to a Jewish man "Shema Yi'srael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Ehad!" and then said "This is my secret prayer" (Autobiography of Itamar Ben-Avi). Ataturk's religious beliefs influenced his learning as Patrick Kinross quotes "My father was hostile to religion, he preferred me to go to a school which wasn't found on its teachings of the Koran.......My father...