The Navaho Religion:

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The Navaho religion is a very ancient religion practiced primarily by Native Americans. Unlike the Northern and Middle Eastern religions the Navaho's focus on Gods and on the earth. In Navaho religion the primary source of worship is the Almighty. The Almighty is not in the shape of a man but in the form of a spirit and exist

in the universe. The Almighty generates its power from the sun. It is also believed all of the Navaho Gods are taken from the Sun. Although it is often said the Navaho followers worship the sun this is not true. The sun is a symbol, which to the worshipers represents the Almighty.

Offerings and rituals are often done towards the many Gods. The rituals are in the form of dance (done in painted face), songs, chants, and prayers. Another form of ritual done by the Navahos is the sand paintings this is also said to be done for the purpose of healing.

Mythology also plays a part in the Navaho worshiping traditions. The Navaho religion is one, which is practiced daily there, is no set church or services. However the worshipers of the Southeast and the Southwest did have religious leaders with shrines and sometimes temples.

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One of the first of the four chiefs of the Navaho people was Hastin Tlo'tsi hee Sandoval also known as "Old Man Buffalo Grass". His nephew Sam Ahkeah is now head of the Navaho Council at Window Rock and first chief of the Navaho people. This is one of the few people alive today that can give us as accurate an account of Navaho people as possible. There are over twenty overlapping traditions traced through mythology visions, to their Shamanism founder. The names have changed throughout time as well the Navaho people are...