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Christopher Browning’s book Nazi Policy, Jewish Workers, German Killers gives you an informative and inside look at Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This essay style book takes you into a world of labor camps in Poland, into the mindset of killers, and world of destruction.

        Throughout this work, Browning takes the reader into the minds and worlds of the men who made the Holocaust. His words argue persuasively along with a legion of facts and stories that the plan to eradicate all of Europe’s Jews from this world was an incredulous sought out decision. Browning discusses three key elements influencing the decision to move forward with the Holocaust. First, the Nazi hierarchy of itself was divided into terms of strategy and objectives about the resolution of the Jewish Question. Second, it was seen as a high advantage to the national socialist cause to employ their skills and labor as long as possible in support of the war effort.

Lastly, that the actual implementation of the fragmented policy was further fragmented at the field level by local commanders or police figures.

        The book offers a huge amount of documentation and facts and figures to view different levels of the Holocaust. Browning talks a lot about the resulting mass murders of the Holocaust were probably more likely the idea and production of a series of small, but fateful conclusions made increasingly to solve immediate logistical and tactical situations the Nazi hierarchy faced at particular times than it was a result of some long standing grand and evil scheme to systematically extinguish the Jews.

        The two works that I have read by Christopher Browning have both been very compelling and interesting works. They are filled with such detail and description that I almost feel bad reading them. I just can’t believe that some...