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The most important factor enabling the Nazis to control the German public was the use of Terror. Do you agree?Adolf Hitler once said, “ Terror is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than the fear of sudden death”. I agree with both these statements, as the Nazis used terror extensively to force people into supporting the Nazi state. But there were many other major techniques, which worked together to give the Nazis control over Germany.

Nazis used force and terror together as a source of power and control over Germany. They forced the public to accept the Nazi policies through fear. This fear was of death generated by the Gestapo and the SS: people were constantly in fear of even saying something against Hitler or the Nazis as they were scared that the Gestapo would come and take them to concentration camps where people were forced into slave labour, tortured or even killed.

No one had any freedom in any aspects of their lives as they were always watched over and monitored by the SS and informers who reported any suspicious activity. This moulded everyone’s lives according to the Nazi state. The Nazis also removed any source of opposition through fear of concentration camps and the SS. This forced people to support the Nazi State.

Nazis relied on rewards as another source of control. Many Germans accepted the German policies as they stood to gain from the Nazis: by supporting the Nazi state they were rewarded with the promise of jobs (no jobs were made available to anyone who did not support Hitler); they were rewarded with food; and with a better standard of living. Through these benefits, the public started to admire and like Nazi rule. These people were only worried about their future and what...