How Nazis Influenced The Youth Of Today

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“SWP, White Power, White Pride, White is right! There is no heaven no hell god is a Jew and the only closest thing we had to a god is Adolph Hitler. WHITE HATE MAN” Are the words said to what is to be a “skinhead” in my own guest book at my own website. You could imagine I didn't appreciate this, talked with the person who did this, yet they didn't seem to care about my views. WWII occurred in the 40s, yet 7 decades later there's still racism and Hitler's followers everywhere. Britain for one is where skinheads for our generation originated and still exist. But skinheads weren't always like this. S.H.A.R.P stands for skinheads against racism and prejudice, basically made of rude-boys (Jamaican people interested in ska music) and white mods. Another group was later made to change the whole movement to the total opposite, using Hitler as an idol.

Nazis wanted to take over the world and maybe they didn't get exactly what they wanted, but to convince kids 70 years later when we’re in a world of equality and peace, is a pretty powerful achievement. It was 1977 when punk was established. Punk music was a way to be unique and diverse. Diversity in this took a wrong turn and from this, some racist oi punk bands were formed. The lack of democracy in Germany paved the way for Hitler’s dictatorship in WWII. Otto Von Bismarck’s mistakes led to WWII and Hitler’s mistakes, in which led to people’s opinions today. “The past controls the future”. Hitler’s impact is still causing treacherous opinions and actions of our generation. The timeline of the Germans idea of strength provides a glimpse of what the future is to hold.

        The early 1800s were a good time for Germany. They were finally gaining independence and strengthing their army for the times to come in the future. They had victories in 3 wars with the great leader Otto Von Bismarck. But what they didn't realize is with their lack of democracy in the end, would lead to a horrible mess. The real hero was Wilhelm II whom knew what was really going on and did everything in his power to prevent it. Then again, nice guys always finish last. Bismarck's death led Wilhelm II to be in charge, but his impact was too strong to change the ways of the government.

        World War I is just about when the spread of their culture began. Germany and France have been bitter wards each other since Frances’s loss of Alsace and Lorraine. Germany’s over-confidence caused the whole world to be in turmoil for the 5 years the war lasted. Finally, the germane army sought an armistice on November 11, 1918. Finally the treaty of Versailles was signed and Germany took blame for everything causing more hostility to the rest of the world for turning their backs on them, which would soon be let out in yet another world war.

        November 1923, the German veteran Aldof Hitler said “The National Socialist revolution has begun!”, putting him in jail. The government at the time was a republic in which gave equal voting rights to men and women, but it was weak and Hitler’s dictatorship was stronger. It especially caught the attention of the working class males. While he was in prison he wrote Mein Kampf which included his views on extreme nationalism, racism, and anti-Semitism. Because of Germany’s weak government, they needed a new leader, and Hitler intended to take that place and become Germany’s new dictator. He then became head of the state. His intent was to free the world of Jews and any race that wasn’t light-skinned European. Germany became one power and that power was the Nazis. They thought the young to hate Jewish people and the young pledged back with honor. November 1938, a Jewish boy shot a German diplomat whom had treated his parents with disrespect, and Hitler took it as a go to attack all Jews. In 1939, Germany, led by their new dictator Aldof Hitler, invades Poland and World War II is started. Hitler took over Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Rhineland. The Germans came up with a plan to eliminate all Jews from existence. This plan was called the holocaust. They would come up with many camps, called concentration camps, in which they would bring all Jews around Europe to. German troopers would round up men women and children, stick them in cattle cars, and bring them to their death camp. More than 6 million Jews were killed in these camps. During the war, only the allies knew about these concentration camps, but after the war ended in 1945, the rest of the world found out about the holocaust’s true tortures it put Jews through. Nazi Rudolf Hoess even admit that he supervised the killing of two and a half million people in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. What Germany did in those concentration camps are crimes against humanity, yet people today still think what they did was totally necessary even today.

        Skinheads are what are the Nazis of today. Yet, there are two types of skinheads. There are SHARPS. Skinheads against racism and prejudice. They are the original skinheads. They formed out of frustrated working class teenage boys, frustrated at the segregating world. In 1969, teenagers were being dominant and independent in shaving their heads to prove there are no racial differences between whites and blacks and blacks and Jews. We are all human beings and we should not be segregated. SHARPS basically consisted of white mods in which are the basic working class or the bouswazee, and black “rude boys” in which were kids who enjoyed ska music. A mixture of Jamaican music and rock and roll. These kids enjoyed the company of each other, but wasn't normal for the time they lived. Whites were so called better than the blacks, and they knew this needed to be stopped. Look what racism caused in WWII. So they revolted. They started a community of kids who believed in no segregation in races. If they could change one thing in the world it would be to change what Hitler did to the world in the 40s. He affected the lives of so many families. Weather its the sorrow and grief he caused many Jewish families to have, or the outlooks he gave to racist Americans and Germans many generations down the road. Of course though, just like in WWII, there is a good side and a bad side and its almost another war fought today. A war between SHARPS and nazi skins.

        The year was 1977. Punk was dominating the music charts, and youth was going wild and anarchy was coming in action. Anarchy is “Absence of any form of political authority” or “political disorder and confusion”. Nazi skins today believe in white power and people should control the government. Nazi skins today developed out of the hatred of SHARPS. Since in WWII, nazi skins shaved their heads, people were given the idea that all skinheads were racist, in which wasn't the case obviously since racist skins of this generation were developed out of the hatred for those against racism in the 60s. Many racist skins get their racist outlook on life from family and friends. If Hitler had not done what he had done, then many of these kids would not have to maintain the outlooks their parents and grandparents have. This war between racism and anti-racism between these two groups will stay with us unless we do something.

        Punk came around and nazi skinheads came with the development of oi punk. Yes, skinheads do listen to oi music and there are some racist oi bands. But just the same there are some bands much like SHARPS against racism. Sham 69, a well-known oi band said the lyrics "if the kids are united they will never be divided". Other white power oi bands would say such things as “leftists don't know anything and Hitler rules”. There are many punk clubs around the US, and UK. There are many fights with kids even ending up in the hospital due to the hatred of these two groups. Now a days there are such groups now against both. American skins are those who just want independence and freedom from all, and aren't racist nor anti-racist. Maybe peace will finally come and people will realize what they are doing. But until then, you can just wait and watch as the world crashes around you.

        Hitler's influence was powerful but not in a good sence. How can a clueless teenager 70 years later think what Hitler did was good? How can a teenager who wasn't in the concentration camps agree with the killings of millions of people that were there? Why must children fight when they are saying they are against war and racism? They are being racist themselves by being degrading against other people’s views. It’s a constant war, because of the doings of one man. He didn't just cause the deaths of millions upon millions in WWII. Bloody fights such as the ones in the movie American History X show deaths upon blacks by people following Hitler’s ways. Nazi signs tattooed, written, gratified everywhere, it’s sad. Sid Vicious, singer of the sex pistols, was admired upon many, even as a historical figures for changing the face of rock and roll. His opinions were based on the doings of Hitler, and brought it upon many more teenagers admiring his image. Its a 70 year war that's been going on and ignored by many. Who knows when it is going to end. Who even knows what can end it.