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The Necklace Questions

Describe the author's tone using examples from the story. How is his tone a reflection of the French realism movement of the mid late 1800s?

Maupassant's tone in the story is from a point of observing Mme. Loisel's situation instead of being involved with it and being in it. He describes the characters in a way of not being involved with them but still having a full understanding of their positions. Also, in comparison of France at the time Maupassant seemed to know a lot about both the lower class and at the middle class.

Describe the mood of the story.

The story is based on a mood that changes at the climax to the complete opposite of what it was. The story starts off with a exciting but nervous mood when Mme. Loisel decides to go to the party that her husband was invited to.

Later Mme. Loisel was jealous wanting to look like all of the party's wealthy guests. After using her husband's savings and borrowing an expensive necklace from an old friend, Loisel is happy and ready for the party. After the party when Loisel found out that she lost the ring she started to be under a lot of stress and was not sure about how to tell her friend. After telling her friend Loisel was sad and regretful that she has gotten in that situation and that she now has to live the rest of her life trying to pay back for the newly bought necklace.

Give an example of direct characterization.

An example of a direct characterization in the story is shown when the author describes Mme. Loisel in the story as he says, "The girl was one of...