Negotiation Implementation Project

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The skill development area of negotiation is of particular interest to me and will form the basis of this report. Negotiation can be defined as "˜the process that occurs when two or more parties, each of whom is seen as controlling some resource which the other desires, confer to reach an agreement on mutual exchange of the resources '.

All people, not simply just executives, need to negotiate. Negotiation takes place at work, at home, between consumers and merchants, and in social environments. Negotiation is of critical importance in the professional environment, where managers and executives spend a great deal of their time dealing with conflict situations. When a manager is competent in negotiation skills they are able to create better communication between staff members, which allows for less stress, better time management and greater overall productivity.

Negotiation is seen by Henry Mintzberg to be one of the four major aspects of a manager's decision roles.

By process of negotiation, managers need to be able to consider the objectives of both sides, and generate a solution that is beneficial to both parties. Examples of situations where conflict may arise are: Setting a work deadline with a subordinate Receiving incorrect or damaged stock from suppliers Disagreements between staff members Setting company budget guidelines Negotiation can be utilised to turn a situation of conflict to a situation of co-operation, and to assist in achieving beneficial results for both parties involved.

As the adroitness of negotiation can be put to use in many aspects of student, personal and professional life, I have a strong will to develop this versatile and beneficial talent.

2.0 Objective As mentioned above, negotiation is of critical importance in the professional vocation environment. However, the art of negotiation is a competence that may be developed and implemented at this present time, in preparation for the...