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Negotiating is a big part of our everyday lives, both on a personal level and a professional level and can be seen in the competitive marketplace. Negotiating is used to deal with the purchasing of goods and services, dealing with individuals, personal relationships, and written contracts between individuals and businesses. Each individual has a different way of negotiating and use many types of strategies. This paper will analyze two different articles that portray different ways to negotiate and will also compare and contrast both strategies and show how they might apply in my work setting.

Negotiation Strategy Article #1

In the first article titled Negotiation Opening Offer, written by Dr. D.P. Venter. The article explains that when someone is in negotiations of a new business, adjusting wages or even during the purchase of a piece of property, whatever the negotiation is, there is always the question as to who will make the first offer.

Dr. Venter points out in the article that most negotiations are undefined at first and many believe that the other party needs to make the first offer. The thinking behind this is that there is precious information that is provided about the position of the others position and also may show what sort of agreement would be acceptable.

The author talks about `anchoring a negotiation'. He states that "research has confirmed that the way negotiators perceive the value of any offer made in a negotiation powerfully correlates to any number affiliated with that offer" (Venter, 2009) and these numbers are referred to as anchors. He goes on to state that although some top negotiators know about anchors that they too can be influenced by them.

Later in the article, Venter goes on about how a first offer should be constructed and states that `…first offers...