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Many people believe that in the 1920's new inventions and changing adjustments occurred. They say, women's lives became noticed, automobiles and radios were the two greatest inventions that promoted the most enjoyment. These changes lead to misunderstandings, and happiness. Although, some changes lead to entertain people.

First of all, Women in the 1920's became more accustomed to everyday life, although they did not enjoy all the privileges men had. They had the right to vote during the war. Women were still seen mainly as homemakers. For they were expected to give up the jobs they had in the war and return to looking after their husbands and families. The majority of women were single, since employers expected women to give up their jobs when they were married. With having said that, women who were working got paid less then men who were working. People in the 1920's eagerly took up the latest fads and fashion.

It was a way to escape from the painful memories of the war and enjoy life again.

Needless to say, women were going against the "traditional look" when their husbands or family members were gone. Women were becoming flappers. As most people would call it, it was a time for change. Fashion was becoming an impact in women's lives. Being a flapper was becoming a rebellion, because hair was cut short, limbs (lag's) were being shown, clothing was more revealing and eye catching. Although this was not necessarily true, men did not like the new fashion for women; they noticed that it was very baggy and the new wardrobes did not emphasize women's curves like it had before. For example, the traditional look was tight clothing that revealed little to no skin at all, and it was pleasant and formal. Therefore women became noticed, and...