A New Mandate for HR-An Analysis

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Review of “A New Mandate for Human Resources” by Dave Ulrich In the article the writer had expressed his concern on underestimating role of Human resources Department in an organizational set up. The role of HR manager has confined to paper work related to recruitment and termination of employees, compensation and incentives, impart training to employees and design of developmental programmes etc. The HR Manager is responsible for implementation of policies made by CEO’s or line Managers.

David Ulrich has emphasized that the role of HR should be organizational excellence rather than focusing on fundamental HR issues only.

HR has to take the lead to enable organizations survive in globalized era, to sustain revenue growth, to harness technological advances, to protect intellectual property and keep pace with changing business environment.

In global competitive economy, managers are required to be aware of entire global market scenario, political uncertainties, trade issues, fluctuating exchange rates and customer preferences.

Revenue growth by way of lay- offs, cost cuts and merger & acquisitions has become new mantra for organizations. He feels rather companies should focus on creativity and innovation. The employees should be encouraged to share learning and honing their skills for achieving required revenue growth.

The geographical distance has been bridged by technological advances. In the era of technological revolution employees had to learn how to exploit technology for organizational goal.

In the changing scenario companies, who can attract, retain and develop best talent will lead the world. Companies have to keep on shifting gears to beat competition, has to take rapid decisions and invent new ways of doing work.

He affirmed that HR can deliver excellence by being partner with the senior management in the strategy execution of organization. HR can help in reducing cost of organization by work organization, delivering administrative efficiency with...