Is the new policy on steroid testing in Major League baseball morally justified??

Essay by athorn343 July 2007

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The new drug policy issued recently by Major League Baseball regarding steroid use is justified in my opinion (morally would depend on your individual beliefs or values). Today there are many celebrities and sports figures that get paid tremendous amounts of money and are afforded the opportunity to live the high life. When you become famous and part of your income comes from your public image then you owe those who support your lifestyle and your image a little honesty. American’s believe in Super Hero’s, well ok, maybe for some just Plain Hero’s, but they are Hero’s just the same. I’m sure just about all of us have looked up to someone famous during our lives at some point, either when we were youngsters or possibly even still when we are grown adults. We have all had that one certain person that we have hoisted up on an imaginary pedestal and we have adorned them with the iconic image of Hero in some form or fashion.

The problem with this idea is that Hero is a tough title to hold for an extended period of time. When you are of Hero status you are expected to be perfect in just about every conceivable way in the eyes of those who have placed you atop the heap. The thing that we mere mortals can’t seem to remember is that for the most part those we hoist above our shoulders are just ordinary people. Our hero’s are flawed just like the rest of us. They have weaknesses and vulnerabilities, fears and desires just like the rest of us. The thing that set them apart from the rest was that they have one or maybe two skills that seemed to make them superhuman.

Those few that have the gifts or talents to play...