New Product Public Relations Campaign: Huffman Trucking

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Phase I

We have chosen a product "Vegetable Based Fuel Product" (VBFP) that is timely, given high fuel costs, and easily applicable to current equipment. Moreover, we have also chosen a parent company (Huffman Trucking) that is financially solid, reputable and perfectly situated to promote a product of this sort. We are planning to introduce this new product in Costa Rica. Where Huffman Trucking has recently expanded their business overseas.

New Product Description

The VBFP we are purposing is used in diesel engines. Which will be perfectly suitable for Huffman Trucking: 800 road tractors and 2,100 45' trailers. It is a fuel mixture of eighty seven percent vegetable oil and thirteen percent of petroleum products.

The technology that is going to be implicated is based on the original design of diesel engines. "The concept of using vegetable oil as an engine fuel dates back to 1895 when Rudolf Diesel (1858-1913) developed the first engine to run on peanut oil, as he demonstrated at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900."

(2006). Our existing diesel equipment can run with this fuel or any future diesel equipment.

The Importance of Marketing of this Product

Huffman Trucking integrity is the most significant part of they're existence. Huffman Trucking likes to maintain a sound reputation because they know they are the industry leader. They have a goal to restore confidence in their customers within Corporate America and Globally.

This VBFP will give our customers the opportunity to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in delivery costs. That Huffman Trucking will be passing on from the fuel savings. It will also give our company a tremendous reputation as an environmentally conscious company (leading the industry). All the while, bringing in more of a customer base and producing further revenues.

The Marketing Research...