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Electronic organisers have been on the market for years, however over the past few a new breed of personal organisers has emerged. The most popular being of the Palm and Handspring brands. These new products have changed the face of organisers, from electronic address books with a few extra applications such as calculator, time, calender and memo pad, to having the ability to surf the web, play games, and various other hardware and software choices - all in the palm of your hand.

Products like these enable users to connect all electronic features of their life, including personal computer, laptop, work computer, and mobile phone. Personal Digital Assitants (PDAs) are able to connect either through USB cables, or infra red, to downlaod and transfer files and information from one device to another. This feature is very helpful in organising and syncing dates and appointments. There are programs available to download onto your personal computer that allow you to keep information such as addresses, appointments and dates, which you can then sync to your PDA so that information is copied directly.

This helps to cut down on the time spent copying details from oen device to another.

PDAs have become so widely used not only for these features but because of their ever changing technology concerning the internet. Recent models of certain PDAs allow users to easily access the internet without any wires or cables, just by the flick of an antenna. This technology means that you can basically access any information whenever you want and wherever you are. More and more applications are also being created for these small machines inlcuding internet interfaces, email programs, and you are able to view most mainstream Microsoft documents on them, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. There are also lots of games that...