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Just Do it. This motivational phrase has become part of American life and is recognized throughout the country. Nike, was first known as the Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded in 1962 by Philip H. Knight, a current owner, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. Knight's education, within the field of business, began at the University of Oregon. There he met Bill Bowerman, his running coach, who later became his biggest influence on the growth of one of the most influential sporting company. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he furthered his education through Masters in Business Administration program at Stanford University in 1962.

Knight's search for a way to make money without giving up his love for athletics, and his coach's mission to create better athletic shoes influenced Knights' creation of the sporting goods company. After graduation, he traveled to Japan where he sought out a Japanese running shoe manufacturer, Onitsuka Tiger Company.

He introduced himself as the representative of an American sporting goods distributor of Blue Ribbon Sports, interested in selling Tiger shoes to American runners. This was the start of a company, which would later become known as Nike.

Phil Knight and Coach Bowerman started their business by selling shoes from the back of Knight's car in 1964. During that first year, the team generated $8000 in revenues, and placed an order for more Tiger shoes. Five years later, after reaching $1 million in sales, Knight concocted the name Nike and created the company's famous logo, the "swoosh". Nike was the winged goddess of victory according to the Greek mythology. As she sat at the side of the Greek God, Zeus, her mystical presence symbolized victory.

The company's famous logo, the "swoosh", followed soon after. Carolyn Davidson created it in 1971, for which she...