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Nina Nina was no ordinary gorilla. The scientists had thought that she was unique since she was a new born. But most of all she was mentally quick. Not like the other gorillas in her reserve. If she saw things once, she could mimic them perfectly afterward. She did this with all the gorillas in her reserve. She soon learned how everything in her pack was done.

Her days grew boring rapidly. The other gorillas never changed. It was the same thing day in day out. The only thing that was fun anymore was when the people came. They would usually bring her down into a white room and play interesting games with her.

"She's remarkable" One of the scientists, Scott, stated excitingly. "How long have you been studying her?" He curiously asked.

"Two months. She already knows the alphabet, and motions for food, water, stuff like that." The scientist Ivan informed him.

"Is this the first one you've taught sign language to?" The young scientist asked? "No, There have been others; not as good, but others," Ivan stated. " I must say, she shows some potential that the others never had." "Game time again!" Nina thought excitedly. They were now playing hide and go seek. They put all the objects into a soft mesh bag. She looked at the people wondering what they would have her search for now. The scientist brought up his hand. His soft pale hand slowly formed into a C. He finished off the simple word with the signs for a U and P. She quickly remembered that those signs meant the cup with the handle on it. He wanted the cup. She rushed over to the overstuffed bag. It took her minute to find the object. She pulled the cup out, and quickly brought it to the man. He seemed very pleased, and smiled; while patting her on the head. She sat down, and waited for the next command.

Today, scientists know Nina as the only gorilla, or animal, that could that ever do and perform sign language fluently. She continued to study, play, with the scientists for many years to come. Nina is now one of the most praised and studied animals of the century. She lived a long healthy life. She brought forth new studies and information. And her longing to keep on playing, and learning, changed the world.