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Watergate Scandal Ever wonder about the past? Just sit around and think back. Well, I'll tell you about some information of what happened when Nixon was president. Nixon, was he a good man? Many will tell you "no," some people may say, "yes." What did he do? Nixon was involved in the Watergate Scandal. Scandal and bewilderment brought about by a flagrant violation of morality. Watergate was a complex where democrats hold their democratic meetings. ( First, the Watergate Scandal was a terrible spy crisis, which included President Nixon ( Nixon hired 5 spies to spy on the democrats in the Watergate building. Nixon's goals were to have reconciliation on democratic strategies. This scandal brought fresh division to the country. ( Where, the Watergate Scandal was located in the Watergate Complex. The Watergate Complex is on the Potamac River in Washington, D.C. John Dean, a former colleague of Nixon, knew about the scandal.

( This is how the investigator and burglars effected the Watergate Scandal; the investigators and burglars were just a small part of the trial. The investigator was Senator Ervin. The charges for the burglars were as the following: burglary, wire tapping, and conspiracy. The burglars were caught at 2:30 A.M. June 17, 1972. The police retrieved a walkie-talkie, forty rolls of unexposed film, two 0.35-mm cameras, lock picks, pen-sized guns, and a bugging device. (book) Squealers like James McCord and John Dean ratted on Nixon. McCord was a republican congressman who knew about Nixon's scandal. McCord did not squeal at first for political and personal reasons. He did not squeal for fear of his family and because he did not want to lose his political standings. Dean said that for years the White House abused their powers by spying on other party meetings. ( A blackmailer,