No Constitutions In Private Institutions

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Once loose and unregulated, private institutions are gradually being held accountable to the Constitution. Forcing private establishments to abide by the Constitution has increased ethnic, gender, and religious diversity in places of employment, schools, and organizations. Minorities and disadvantaged groups are treated more favorably when companies and universities cannot make rules barring them from their institution. Although these people benefit, the private institutions suffer a loss in efficiency. Because the heads of private organizations must comply with the Constitution, they no longer have the freedom of choosing members solely based on their ability to benefit the organization. Unrelated factors like race and disabilities quotas on the payroll complicate hiring decisions for employers. Although some company policies are unconstitutional, executives use them anyways because they are efficient. If members of an organization are unhappy with a policy, they can freely leave and join a group where they feel their constitutional rights are not violated.

Allowing private institutions to freely write policies will make their organization more efficient while preserving individual rights.

Private institutions can hamper democracy if they are left to decide rules. Twenty years ago, when companies did have the right to make rules that violated the Constitution, women ended up getting underpaid for jobs even though they performed it as well as men. Private institutions pursue profits, and they try to take many Constitutional shortcuts to do so, infringing the rights of their workers. Ensuring constitutional compliance allows democracy to spread. That is why the government discourages private golf courses from screening their members, sometimes only accepting males of a certain race. Private recreation centers that enact unconstitutional policies like these are bad for democracy because it brews tension between genders and races. By banning such discriminatory practices, the government avoids the formation of these race and gender...