No Future? An essay comparing future in Back to the Future and THX1138

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No Future?

When looking into the future people see many different things. Whether it be flying cars, buildings floating in the air, or people walking around in space suits, everyone has their own idea. Most of the time when people look into the future they look far into it, not in the next several years. The future is usually defined as twenty or more years beyond the present. Many movies and stories written about the future world seem to have the common theme that technology will play a big part in the development of the future. The development of technology will lead to the advances that will take the world into the next century and beyond. George Lucas' film THX 1138 and Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future are both examples of movies that portray technology and the advances of the future. THX 1138 and Back to the Future both portray technology as a danger to society that could ultimately lead to its downfall.

George Lucas made THX 1138 long before he became famous in his later movies. He based the film on his movie that he used as his graduate project and thesis. It was his first attempt at directing and producing a Hollywood film. His goal was to create a film that would show the future state of the world if it was to continue on its path of the search for perfection of everything. He shows the

future as a place that many people would probably not want to live or to be associated with.

Lucas shows that everyone will be the same. People will wear the same clothes and have the same haircut. Names are no longer a part of society. In the movie each person is given a prefix of letters followed by a...