Nonverbal Communication From A Personell Perspective

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Non-Verbal CommunicationCommunicating in a social environment is not easy when you are reluctant to even meet new people. Even though it is quite easy to put oneself in a social environment people can tell a lot about just by observing others behaviors. Whether one is communicating non-verbally or verbally there are cues that can give insight to ones personality or even at times ones intentions.

Recently, I went to a club by myself since I had no one to go with on that given day. As soon as I got there I found a table to sit at and ordered a long island tea. Sat at the table for at least an hour just drinking and watching everyone in the club. To my surprise this lady that I had previously made eye contact with approached me. She wanted to know if I wanted to play pool with her and her friends.

Instantly, I told her no because she kind of intimidated me by her appearance and spontaneity. Before she walked away she told me if I changed my mind she would be right over there. I simply smiled at her and said thanks.

This lady seemed like she may have been popular because she acted as if she knew everyone already. The way she looked was intimidating to me because I am an average looking person that shops at Target and Debs while she had a coach purse on and her hair looked like she had a weave in it. The lady was white like me so I don't think there was that much of a cultural difference. I perceived that she may have been powerful since she knew everyone and she wore expensive clothing. I ended up getting up and moving to the other side of the club to...