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The North-Eastern region of the country is like a miniature India with wide topographical, climatic, economic, social and cultural diversities. In no other part of the country do we find more than a 100 tribes living together, speaking a hundred different tongues and possessing different cultural characteristics, each distinct from one another.

No other region of India occupies such a vitally strategic position as the North-East. From the Defence point of view, it is a very sensitive and vulnerable part of the country. We had bitter experiences of foreign attacks and hostile activities on the border in the past and these experiences should be enough to put us on our guard against any possible danger from outside. We must admit that any danger to any area of the North-East is a danger to the whole of India.

Issues that hamper national integration:

The issues like federation, state autonomy, the complexity of socio-economic-political-cultural dimensions, rule of law, equality, unity etc are the topics of high contestation in the Northeast India.

With such complexity of issues and presence of several ethnic groups, the North-Eastern States have been under immense pressure to accommodate the diverse aspirations of various ethnic groups in the domain of socio-economic-cultural-political development that have emerged as important impediments in the effort of social and emotional integration of different communities in the region. The situation of human rights, democracy and good governance cannot be established in the region, unless this problem is seriously addressed and remedial measures are suggested at academic forum.

The exodus from North-east proves that India remains fragmented even 65 years after Independence

The recent exodus from the country's North-east is a matter of national concern. Several thousand migrants from the hugely diverse region working in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai left for Assam...