"Not Another Teen Movie" and "Scary Movie": What should I compare?

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Many movies are very controversial because what the actions or what the characters lines are understood as. The movies "Not Another Teen Movie" and "Scary Movie" are two great examples of this statement. Many actions are involved with irregular behavior of the normal practice of today's everyday life. Even though these movies are both same they also differ from each other in the movies they represent in a humorous way. In this essay the movies will be compared and contrasted with three key points.

The irregular actions represented in both Not Another Teen Movie and Scary Movie is controversial. This means the actions the movies take are argued over by two or more sides. One side may say that it is degrading to any human nature while the other side takes a humorous account of the movies. The actions fought over involve sexual acts and other acts including drugs and crime.

Both movies resemble each other closely but not precisely. The differences are as plain as the nose on your face and cannot be missed if it was a stampede running through your living space. These controversial acts will be argued over for as long as the movies stay in the minds of the viewers.

Not Another Teen Movie and Scary Movie are both parodies. The word parody should be defined first to better understand it. It is a literary or artistic work that imitates the nature of another. These movies make a humorous account of many movies and show them the lighter side of the dramas they imitate. To begin with Not Another Teen Movie it imitates as many movies, stated in the next paragraph, as the storyline can hold with as little confusion as possible. The title of this movie also speaks for itself in the sense that many teen devoted movies had been made prior to this one. Scary Movie is totally different in that aspect, it only makes fun of three movies and holds a much stronger storyline with little side note of comedy. These parody movies hold a place in today's teen society.

The movies Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie differ from each other in the movies they represent in a humorous way. Scary Movie seems to resemble movies such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Matrix. Pieces of these movies storyline are added to that of Scary Movie with a funny sense about hem. This is uplifting in the ways they are portrayed in the other movies. Not Another Teen Movie is compiled of such movies as: She's All That, Varsity Blues, Bring It On, and many others, but these seem to stand out with like a sore thumb compared to the others. Not Another Teen Movie is a great example of a melting pot of thrown away scripts from movies of the past. The movies are both different by the movies inserted into the script.

In conclusion these movies bring out the true thought process of an American teen with a bit of today's screenwriters. To better express this opinion the movies have controversial evidence along with a parody sense with different movies added to them. Each movie is a compilation of past movies with a touch of humor and Hollywood. This essay was to better teach those who have only looked at one side of a rubric cube and tried to make the sides all one color.