Notes relating to the movie "I am Sam" directed by Jessie Nelson

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Sam and his friends support each other in many ways. One of these is through their movie nights that give them a chance to get together and have care-free fun. Another example is the friends making supportive signs for Sam in court to show they are there for him and to give him confidence. They constantly give each other suggestions and compliments, for example in the show shop they are very supportive of everybody else’s choice of shoe.

When Sam comes to Lucy’s class the children laughed at him. Although Sam doesn’t’ realize is, he embarrasses his daughter. I think at this point Lucy would have hated her father for humiliating her; she would have see him the way the children were seeing him, as a freak. I think I would feel the same way, because, at her age she would not understand that Sam couldn’t control himself.

The director has backed some scenes with Beatle’s songs to reinforce the theme of each scene.

An ironic example of this is the night before Lucy starts school the song “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World” is played. This is ironic in the way that her whole world is in fact about to be changed forever.

At the Halloween party, the director has chosen "I'm Looking Through You" to imply that Sam is different to everyone else and Lucy has begun to see him like this.

Finally, the song “Two of Us” is used at the end of the movie to imply Sam and Lucy are finally back together and happy.

Using these relevant songs the director has effectively amplified the emotions of scenes throughout the movie.

Rita’s Life is influenced greatly by Sam. She is given an insight into how difficult other people’s lives are as well as being taught how...