Notre Dame: Character Analysis Of Claude Frollo

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CHARACTER ANALYSIS: THE HUNCH BACK OF NOTRE DAME Dom Claude Frollo is the antagonist of Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Claude Frollo is a priest, but unlike most priests, he is evil, self centered and hypocritical. These traits are all a result of the intense change he went through after meeting Esmerelda. Although she does not care for him in way he cares for her, he believes he loves her. He will stop at nothing to have Esmerelda. Claude Frollo is obsessed.

Claude Frollo is extremely self-centered. The majority of the actions Claude Frollo makes are for self-gain. In his lust for Esmerelda, he gives her several ultimatums to be with him or die. She refuses him every time, but he does not give up. The archdeacon also shows his selfishness when Quasimodo, who looks to him as a father, is being whipped. At this time Quasimodo desperately needs his help, but Dom Claude abandons him.

Claude Frollo really shows how inconsiderate he is when he asks Pierre Gringoire to help him save Esmerelda. In asking Pierre to assist him in saving Esmerelda, he is asking him to risk his life. This is all because of his obsession with Esmerelda, he does not care if Gringoire lives or dies. He doesn't care if anyone lives or dies but himself.

Claude Frollo is hypocritical. He is a priest, but yet he does not practice what he preaches. Claude Frollo approaches Gringoire and say's "How could you have utterly forsaken God as to lay hands on that girl?" (Hugo118). Although he tries to rape Esmerelda later in the novel. The archdeacon sins every chance he gets. He attempts to kill Phoebus, which, is not only morally wrong, but it is a sin as well. Dom Claude Frollo is finally...