The novel Virgin Suicides written by Jeffrey Eugenides is about

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The novel Virgin Suicides written by Jeffrey Eugenides is about the lives of the Lisbon girls."A Rose for Emily" written by William Faulkner is about the life of Miss Emily and her life after her fathers' death. The neighbors always seem to know what is happening with the main characters because they are constantly looking out their windows. The Lisbon girls have the neighborhood boys that infatuated with their lives. The neighborhood boys are shocked and the narrator says "we didn't understand why Cecilia had killed herself the first time and we understood even less when she did it twice". The boys are unable to find a reason why she would do such a thing. The Lisbon's house begins to fall apart they are not keeping up with the yard work and their house begins to smell. The neighbors try to help fix the house up, but they are unsuccessful.

The girls know the boys are watching them and being to send the boys signals for their help. The boys watch from the tree house for the signal to go to the house. The stayed in the house until waiting for the rest of the girls so they can help them escape during the time each of the girls takes their lives.

Miss Emily father has died. The neighborhood called and gave their condolences. In the Virgin Suicides the neighbors also called to give their condolences after Cecilia's death. When Miss Emily does die the neighbors not only come to pay their respects, but to also know what the inside of her house looks like.

The two stories the neighbors feel they know the main characters by what they see. In reality the neighbors do not know anything about them because they have not commutated with them. They are giving the read what they see and their opinions.