Nuclear activities in todays world.

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Nuclear Activities In

today world

The Science of things

April 16, 2002

Nuclear History

The history of Nuclear Energy Came from

the development of nuclear warfare.

Nuclear warfare was developed mainly

durring the years of world war 2.

Many sicentists and physicists acrost

the globe were experimenting with

spliting atoms and the sort. When they

discoverd that by bombarding a uranium

atom with neutrons it would split

resulting in energy release of radiation

and heat. After three weeks of testing

the new bomb, the United States

Military droped it in Japan. The result,

The ending of world war 2. The world

had stepped into a new age.

Scientists pushed further and further into

the science of nuclear technology resulting

in more and more used for it, Including,

medical uses, agriculturel uses, food

preservational uses and finaly, Energy uses

witch include the Nuclear Power plants.

Most of the Current Nuclear Power plants in

operation today have 4 basic componets witch

including the Core, the Condenser, the

turbine and the steam generator.

Inside the

core Super hot uranium rods heat water

creating steam, the steam then flows through

a pipe to the steam generator, witch is

basicly a chamber filled with water, When the

steam flows through the pipes that go in and

out of the steam generator chamber it heats

the water and creats more steam, witch in

turn flows up to the turbine and powers a

generator, or lots of generators.after the

steam goes through the turbine it heads

towards the condenser unit where it gets

cooled by cold water pipes and then it turns

back into water and heads back to the steam

generator. The whole reactor is like a big

steam engine, but instead of burning

convention coal or wood, it used the heat

created by...