Nucleus, Cytoplasm And Cell Membranes

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The nucleus, cell membranes and cytoplasm are all related to one cell or another in a specific way shape or form. These are what I think are the most important micro cells that support other cells in a way that only pertains to there special traits in functions to that cell. All in all the nucleus is the most important of the three I choose to research on, this contains all of the protons and neutrons also the negative electrons that are used to keep that cell in working function and to make it do it's function properly and effectively.

The nucleus is the most important cell in your body until your death, when you don't really have a body anymore. The nucleus contains all of your hereditary traits and your physical looks and how deep your voice is and so on.

Perhaps the most important role of the nucleus is to combine male and female chromosomes so you can have your hereditary traits when you are growing up.

The nucleus is to the cell membrane as the cell membranes control the flow of the polar activity in your body co you don't come out as a mutant or something, The cell membranes fluid characteristics are derived from a couple of things, first "myelin insulates the fibers that contain 76% lipid and 18% protein"(cellbio, Also the cell membrane has special receptors that let them communicate with a gland like a hormone.