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Americans eat out an average of more than four times a week, spending over 44 percent of their food dollars eating away from home. The most popular items ordered are sodas, coffee, burgers, French fries and lettuce salads. People enjoy dining out because they don?t have to worry about shopping for groceries, preparing the food and washing the dishes after the meal. It just simplifies their busy lives. For most of the college students, fast food restaurant even offer an affordable opportunity to ?dine out? and escape from the campus cafeteria.

But eaten too regularly, fast foods may lead to health problems, due to their high fat, high sodium, high sugar and low fiber content. In order to achieve a healthy diet, you must choose a variety of foods, have moderate portions and balance the foods you eat throughout the day. On this presentation, I am not trying to tell anyone to stay away from fast food, because many people might think they are harmful.

In fact, they do contain many essential nutrients but the proportion of these nutrients may not be healthy if consumed inadequately.

So we should be caution when we purchase foods from restaurants. Balancing your daily intake would be one of the most important roles in a healthy diet. Control the portions and eat a variety of food which include mainly vegetables would be recommended. When you have eaten a high calorie, high fat lunch, balance it with lighter foods at other meals during that day or even the next day. Try to add fruit juice, a steamed vegetable, a baked potato, or salad with low fat dressing or a squeeze of lemon.

Be careful what kind of foods you are choosing for your meals. Americans eat too little fiber. You can increase your intake...