Obedience in groups

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The United States is thought to be an individualistic country, but in reality, people are dispersed into groups and think with the group as a whole instead of as an individual. A couple prime examples of the groups created are democrats and republicans, because these two political groups have very different view point and the people classifying them with one group or the other think that their group's ideas are correct and the other group is wrong on all accounts. Society has instigated this separation. The once United States has now become a country filled with disputes from the majority. "The organization man has lost the capacity to disobey; he is not even aware of the fact that he obeys" ( Fromm, 361). A person cannot thrive without being part of a group. There is an on going longing to be a part of a group that is similar to specific individual needs.

People have the need to surround themselves with others who have similar morals and ideas as they do. "When we're in a group, we tend to think as that group does: we may have joined a group to find "like minded" people" (Lessing, 1). Lessing clearly agrees with Fromm, because they both have configured that a single person longs for the acceptance and assurance that another person can and will back them up when they have a new or unique idea. Therefore, people who stay in the same group for a long period of time become and adapt to the rest of the other ideas of the group instead of thinking for themselves. The individuals become dependent on a group decision to be okayed before they can say another word about a particular subject.

"It is the hardest thing in the world to maintain an individual dissident...