Obese students and proximity of fast food restaurants to schools

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Shailyn J. Rincón

Miss Theresa Palumbo

October 24, 2014.

Proximity of Fast Food Restaurants to Schools and Adolescents Obesity.

Modern times force parents to look for cheap and convenient solutions when it comes to feeding their kids. This results in buying junk food for their children, and often times blaming fast food restaurants for any adverse consequence to their children's health. Unfortunately, modern times force parents to have two or three jobs a day in order to support their families, leaving them with no time to prepare meals for their kids or monitor what they eat. Some parents turn to buying junk food for their kids because it is low in cost compared to healthy food since the money they receive from their jobs is not enough. On the other hand there are parents who, despite having the time and the money, are irresponsible by purchasing is most convenient without regard for nutritional.

These days there are much controverts discussions about the proximity of fast food restaurants to schools and obesity in students. Jerry Hirsch sustains that teens who study close to fast food outlets tend to gain weight. (Hirsch, 176). In opposition, we have David Harris, who states that kind of restaurant near schools have no significant effect on student's obesity. (http://www.medpagetoday.com/PrimaryCare/DietNutrition/27098.Web.). As it can be seen, the issue of the proximity of fast food outlets to schools is not well clear-cut. Coexists several points of view in the matter, based on different opinions and experiences.

There does not always need to be a problem when student visit fast food restaurants for lunch due to their proximity. Junk food is not the only option in fast food restaurants; there are healthy options too. For instance in Wendy's, McDonald's or Burger King, you can also find healthy food such...