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Running Head: OBESITY


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This is definitely that, if we are talking about obesity then we have to know the meaning of term 'obesity'. Fat is the major thing which produces the obesity level high up in to the body. When a person eats out of sense or you can say that some time he/she eats like unconscionably. In this way what happens is that these types of habit are called the Obesity. Sometimes this happens that a particular child holds the ability of doing exercise so, his or her stomach also wants more food, so this does not mean that if he is eating more and more so he is the patient of obesity. Obesity is something that having the fats more and more in your body and thus you eat more food sometimes immoderately, so in this way you become more energetic.

Therefore this is called Obesity. There are some certain tests which a Doctor sometimes prescribed out of which only the BMI is the only one which is most popular and common. This BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This formula has one formula and hence according to the formula that formula asks the person's gender, height and weight.


Talking about the formula to calculate the obesity level is that first you do the square of height and then divided by your weights. The units of both weight and height are kept in SI units which are kilograms and meters.

There are some rules and regulations of this test like; there are some particular range limits of this test that, if your Obesity level would be in some specific range then you are under the weight and you have no obesity. Similarly, if your obesity level is high according to...