The Obliteration Of The Rainforests

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"The Obliteration of the World's Rainforests" Rainforests are home to many kinds of rare and endangered species of insects, animals, and a variety of tropical plants that have chemical properties to help cure a multitude of diseases. Unfortunately, the rainforests are being destroyed by people for these valuable items and many others that the world may not even know exist. Rainforests used to cover 14% of the world's surface, but since the destruction of the rainforests, this percentage has decreased to a bare six percent. (Rainforest Facts 1) If this rate stays at the same pace, experts believe that the rainforests will be destroyed forever in less than 40 years. (ibid) There are at least six million plants, animals, and insects that live in rainforests. (Rainforest Facts 2) At least half of these species are endangered because their habitats are disappearing at a very fast pace.

(Endangered Species 2) Experts have estimated that there are at least 137 plants, animals, and insects lost every day because of deforestation. (Rainforest Facts 1) If deforestation of the rainforests continues, half of the world's plant, animal, and insect population will either be threatened or destroyed in the next quarter century. (ibid) This includes the Liana, Slipper orchid, Hotlips, and the Hibiscus plants. (Greenaway) Some animals that will be endangered are the Humboldt's monkey, Nile crocodile, Scarlet Macaw, and the Ring-tailed lemur. (ibid) Insects include the African moon moth, Paper wasp, Orchid mantis, and the marbled scorpion. (ibid) These are just a few examples of the millions of different species of plants, animals, and insects that could be extinct or threatened.

Although there are many different plants, animals, and insects, there are at least 2,000 plants in the rainforests that have been identified as having anti-cancerous chemical...