Observer Narration paper

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Chance Retino

Observer Narration Paper

Art and Writing

Lesson Learned

Draft Day. It was a family day when more than ten of my dad's friends and family would come over to my house to draft their favorite NFL players. This was no ordinary draft; this draft was big time bucks! The winner of the league would receive a total of 1700 dollars! I was excited. I had been waiting for this particular day for a year now. This was my year to win; unfortunately, something went horribly wrong.

It was eight o'clock at night, and my dad's friends walked into my house looking a little inebriated. I didn't think much of it at the time. Being a 15-year-old boy, I did not really recognize what was happening. My Uncle Phil and a couple of my dad's friends, Carl and Al, brought cases of beer to our fantasy draft day party.

Just to give a little background, my Uncle Phil was a mailman. My dad's friend Carl was a firefighter, and lastly, Al was a cop. As I witnessed them walking into my house I asked myself, why are they carrying so many cases of beer? But I went on with my business of reviewing my possible draft picks. As the rest of my dad's friends poured into my house for the draft, my Aunt Jen finally showed up. She was a friendly and thoughtful person who was always looking to have a good time. She and I shared our ideas about draft picks, and each of us looked forward to the good hotdogs and sliders we were going to have.

The clock was ticking down to draft time. My adrenalin was flowing. I was going over my fantasy player picks in my head, and I was trying to finalize...