Occupational Health and Safety

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-After finishing your BBA you have joined your family company -a 40-people carpentry firm that works as a subcontractor to various other manufacturers and also as a table-and cupboard supplier to big resellers-You are administrative manager, responsible for HRM, office team, accounting etc.

-Company is run by your 57-year old father, a self-made business man-AKEI - your biggest customer, reseller of furniture, has launched a program in sustainable development - OHS issues being part of that-Now they demand OHS system from all suppliers, not necessarily a Standard-based thing-90 % of the workers are Trade Union members, but so far no major confrontations with TU-Payment is very much based on piecework pay - not just hour-based-Teams (5) have a foreman, that anyway takes part also in the practical carpenter work-Team foremen report to your brother who is the production manager-Average age of workforce is 48, some 10 people (age 20-30) have joined during the last 5 years-Your dad says: "We can not lose AKEI, do something.

Hope it does not cost much!!"I'm the administrative manager, responsible for HRM, office team, accounting etc. in our family business and I was asked to do the OHS for one of our main customer (AKEI), because they have launched a programme in sustainable development and a part of it is the OHS action plan.

A safe and healthful workplace is central to our ability to enjoy health and security, but I think that main responsibility of the protection is at the employer. What we have to do is collect data and make an action plan. Maybe we can outsource some professional help, because we are not so skilled and we never done it before. The main thing is to do the plan in such a way that it will conform to normative regulations...