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Collage isn't for everybody. Some people may want to enter straight into a Journeyman Apprenticeship program, like the Quad City Electrical Training Center. To get into the Quad City Electrical Training Center you need to finish high school, get hands on experience, and be able to pass tough entrance tests.

The first step in becoming an electrician is while you are in high school that you pass Algebra I. After passing Algebra I, it helps your chances of being an electrician if you go on to Algebra II but it's not required. You need to attend school as much as possible because they look at your transcript and see how many days you have missed from school. The reason they care about how many days you have missed is because they don't want to hire anyone who they think will call in sick or not show up. You must have a high school diploma to enter the program.

Finishing the diploma means you have to plan ahead to get in all the requirements. The fact that you're gone half the day from Alleman means you have to be organized and work hard while you're in school. Say good-bye to study hall and fun classes like art. Say hello to summer school or Internet classes. At Alleman, you need four years of English and Religion and many more required classes. There isn't time to take all of them in four periods. You'll need to take America Government, Applied Economics or something else during the summer. Davenport High School gives the most choices of classes. If you don't want to drive to class, you can log onto the Internet and take a class there. Make sure whatever class you take is approved by your counselor or you could be wasting your time.