The October War of 1956

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The October War of 1956 was a product of the Arab Israeli conflict but also of the Cold War how far do you agree?The October War in 1956 had a lot to do with the Cold War but could not be described as a direct product of the Cold War.

The main cause for the war was the Suez Canal being nationalized by the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. This was done to fund the Aswan High Dam which he had promised the people of Egypt as part of his political election campaign. Originally Nasser had planned to apply for a loan from America and the World Bank. Yet the Americans declined the application as they believed that Nasser had a relationship with the Soviet Union that may have meant Nasser turning into a Communist and trying to take over the Middle East as the Soviet Union had done in Eastern Europe.

The Nationalization of the Suez Canal infuriated the British and French as it meant having to pay to move goods between the British Colonies to Britain. This would have severe impacts on the British economy as most of Britain's Oil passed through the Suez Canal. The Canal itself was also a very good source of income for the British and French Governments. The British Prime Minister Eden even went so far as to compare Nasser openly with Hitler. President Eisenhower of the USA did not support a war against Egypt. This was because of the Vietnam War which was not going well for the USA. It would have been impossible for them to start another war as all funds and troops where needed elsewhere.

The Arab Israeli conflict itself was not a direct cause for the war. Even though Israel was unhappy with the refugee situation and...